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The purpose of this Website is to make it easy for people who have no knowledge of legal matters to recover money owed or represent themselves in County court eg for problems with landlords or tenants in a rented property 

Section 1 is for recovering money from Tuxedo 

Section 2 is for Money claims and County court matters

Section 1     Tuxedo in liquidation

   How to recover your money now that the Tuxedo pre-paid money card business has gone into liquidation.

This section is only applicable to the Tuxedo pre-paid money card. It may also be applicable to other Tuxedo products

First a little bit of background.

I had about  £400 frozen in my account. I contacted Tuxedo in July 2022, and after many emails to and fro, with promises and no result, I stumbled on the solution and my money was refunded in January 2023.

Here is how to do it:

When Tuxedo pre-paid money card went into liquidation, they should have sent you information on how to recover your money. There are several possible companies. Request the money from the appropriate company. If they have not returned your money within 8 weeks, advise them that you will contact the Financial Ombudsman.

The communications should be by email. Take pdf copies of the documents in case you need to prove that you have sent them.

 Make your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman.

Make sure that you have the correct address as there are other similar websites.

The above information is free, and if you are happy with my service, please put a good review on Trustpilot. This will help to promote my website and help other people.

If you would like me to help you with the claim, please see  section 3

Section 2 Money claim and County court

This is for recovering money through Money Claim Online


For any County Court matter, eg, compensation for poor building work, lost holidays, and countless other problems

Money claim Online does not normally require going to court.

If you would like me to help you with the claim, please see  section 3

Section 3 GET HELP

If you need help in dealing with the paperwork, I am happy to do this.

Please refer to our privacy policy before contacting us

 Please email with your questions

I will answer as soon as possible

Section 4 about me

My name is Robert. I am a retired person who thought that he needed the help of a solicitor to claim money owed to him for gardening work that I had done. However, this is very expensive so I decided to represent myself in court, and was awarded my claim of £800

I have also defended myself in the county court against false claims by a landlord. I was so pleased when I won a case, where the landlord had a barrister.

I could not believe it!!!

I used to be in awe of Solicitors and barristers but that taught me that they are as fallible as anyone else.

 My recent experience with a Tuxedo pre-paid money card has finally prompted me to make use of the experience that I have gained, and to help other people.

Section 5 Privacy policy 

You do not need to give us your name, and if you wish to do so  you may use a pseudonym

The only information we will have is your email address.

we will delete the email address immediately after our conversation.

If you request us to contact you with further information at a later date, we will delete your email address as soon as you are satisfied that no further assistance is needed.

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Section 6 caveats

This Website is applicable to the rules in England

The rules in other UK countries may differ

I have no qualifications relating to financial or legal matters.

I will give information that is accurate to the best of my ability, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of that information.